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The prices of board rental are per day or week, regardless of the time you use them every day. Broken or damaged boards have a charge, according to the damage caused to the board. By taking surf lessons, we will be glad to offer you a 50% discount on board rental, during the days you take the lessons.


Surf Camp El Paredon's Pricelist 2016

All prices are per person, expressed in us$, prices subject to change (we only accept cash US$ or Quetzales).PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A RESERVATION BEFORE COMING DOWN.

Bringing own tent US$ 4,15
Bunkbed US$ 9,70
Private room US$ 30 (price per room)
Equiped apartment 1pers US$ 38, 2pers US$44, 3pers US$55, 4pers US$66
Meals & Drinks
Breakfast US$ 3
Lunch US$ 4.5
Dinner US$ 4.5
1 Hour private class US$ 15
Board rental (includes leash and wax)
Short/long surf board per day US$ 15
Short/long surf board per week US$ 75
Surfboard rental deposit US$ 50
Boogieboard rental per day US$ 10
Kayaking Mangroves
Kayak rental 3 hours US$ 5
Transfers (only at daytime untill 5.00pm)
One way from La Antigua to the camp or vice versa and NOW shared shuttle (ask)
1 Person US$ 75
2 People or more US$ 50 (per person)
One way from Guatemala City to the camp or vice versa
1 Person US$ 85
2 People or more US$ 60 (per person)